Perry Farrell has heaped praise on his Lollapalooza headliner Lady GaGa, calling the pop star the "centrepiece" of his upcoming Chicago, Illinois show.
Farrell's Jane's Addiction, The Strokes, Green Day and the reformed Soundgarden will perform at the 6 August (10) festival in Grant Park, but the rocker insists the Paparazzi singer will steal the show.
He tells MTV News, "When I think about Lollapalooza, in that gorgeous setting of Grant Park, with the amazing buildings all around us, lit up, I see her and her show as being a centrepiece to the evening.
"Her presentation is so overwhelming that some may overlook the music... but the truth is, her music, to me, is right where music should be. It's on the cutting edge, but it's (also) in the crosshairs of where every musician is aiming these days.
"She's (Lady Gaga) this hybrid of Yoko Ono, sort of the Plastic Ono Band meets Madonna meets Elton John. She's this beautiful crossing of those things (that) every musician is looking to find. Everyone's looking for that sound, and I think she really hits it."
Farrell still recalls Lady Gaga's forgotten performance at the 2007 Lollapalooza: "She's got dark-brown hair, she's in a bikini, and she's wearing thigh-highs and she's sweating, because she was on at around three o'clock."
The Jane's Addiction frontman reveals he and his fellow Lollapalooza organisers have spent $150,000 (GBP100,000) to house Lady Gaga's giant stage.