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Satellite Party
Ultra Payloaded
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Satellite Party Ultra Payloaded Album

OK then. Let's cut to the chase. For those of you unwilling to read reviews, let it be known that this is in fact the album of 2007. Sheer, undiluted genius. There - it's been said.

Sadly it would seem that this is likely to go the same way as most of Perry Farrell's post Jane's Addiction musical outings, into obscurity. Certainly on paper you would have to agree, since who would pair Perry up with Nuno Bettencourt? (he of Extreme, and More Than Words)

But this is the real world, we have real ears, real hearts and real opinions - let us rejoice and proclaim this brave venture a success. Sonically they take the best parts of Jane's, but bring it up to date with a modern rock sensibility, together with a groove that could level mountains. Got to be worth a listen surely?

From opener, Wish Upon a Dog Star, through RHCP-esque Hard Life Easy, the first four tracks are a breathtaking display of what this band can deliver.

The more tender cuts of Awesome and Mr Sunshine are a brief respite before Insanity Rains hits like Faith No More riding a runaway train.

Make no mistake - this is the work of true genius - in generations to come there is a distinct possibility that future cultures will revere the memory of Mr Farrell as a deity of magnificent proportions.

Richard Edge

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