Perrie Edwards' on-stage tears were partially the result of Zayn Malik's decision to pull out of buying a £3 million dream home.

The 22-year-old singer abruptly stopped mid-way through a Little Mix gig earlier this week and according to The Sun newspaper, Perrie's distress was linked to Zayn's choice to resist buying the six-bedroom property.

A source said: ''When Zayn quit One Direction he and Perrie had to scotch rumours they were splitting up. Buying the house was keeping them together.

''After being dumped by Zayn by text, to then find out the house deal was off overwhelmed her.''

The luxurious home - which the couple toured just two months ago - boasts five bathrooms, a games room, gym and cinema, and is now back on the property market.

Earlier this week, a former friend warned that Zayn risks alienating his fans and people within the music industry before the release of his first solo album.

The unnamed pal said: ''He's a little boy who needs to grow up. It's really bad for him. He's turning into Chris Brown but without any hits.

''He is self-destructing right now and I hope he's got someone there for him. I doubt he has, though, so that's why I'm worried for him.

''He's p***ing off so many people, it's very hard to see him having much support left by the time he's finally ready to release any music.''