Perfume Genius plans to ''joust'' with Eminem at Coachella.

The indie pop producer has been engaged in a feud with the rapper for years and after they were both announced on the bill for this year's festival, Perfume has revealed how he plans to escalate the situation.

He wrote on Twitter: ''For everyone asking...Yes I plan on fighting Eminem at Coachella. I want to joust (sic)''

Perfume previously took aim at Eminem back in 2014, when he had T-shirts with the rapper's face printed on them and the word 'feminism' emblazoned across the design.

Subsequently, he described the hip-hop icon as an ''a**hole'' and ''boring''.

What's more, in November 2014, Perfume tweeted: ''Pretty sure I could destroy him with Just a Look, someone put us in a room together and watch Eminem slowly wither from my witch glance (sic)''

Meanwhile, in December, Eminem - whose real name is Marshall Mathers - admitted he looks to Jay-Z for inspiration.

He praised the New York-born star for always ''seeing what's going on in hip-hop''.

Eminem said: ''I look to Jay for a lot of s**t. I look to Jay for where he's at in life and I look for '4:44', the punchlines. I'm listening to music in a way that most people probably aren't...

''To me it's like, Jay is a good guy because he's a guide for ... It's almost like he can see what's going on in hip-hop. He's very in tune with the times and then he does something his own way, and then other people follow it.''