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Short Sharp Shock EP
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Performance Short Sharp Shock EP EP

A chance meeting outside a Manchester Café signalled the inception of this Chicane and The Departure fusing machine of energy and bustling beats. The title track in itself is enough to revive the Hacienda spirit, even in those who have never heard of it or weren't even born during its heyday. The cutting vocals of Joe Stretch and the roving keyboards of Joe Cross are decorated by the shuddering bass of Laura Cross, and then kicked into the middle of next year by Billie Marsden's jolting percussion and new wave backing vocals. The track cries out bemusement and builds up rhythm to rival contemporaries The White Rose Movement.

'I Want Out' brings us into The Bravery territory, when the quartet slows down slightly to mingle in a bit of ambience and Marsden's percussion takes on a pulsing pitch. This gives matters a reflective feel, but the pace is still a groove friendly one and shows Performance broadening their musical perspective. The four track parade evokes a futuristic feel and the vicissitudes of life are chucked around, as the beats rise in 'It's Bad & It's Just Begun'. This outfit boldly revives the brashness and defiance of the Madchester days.

Rating 8/10

David Adair

Other Information
Released: 17/07/2006
Label: Polydor

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