LATEST: Celebrity blogger Perez Hilton has hit back at claims his New Year's Eve (31Dec07) party kiss with John Mayer never happened, insisting there is photographic proof. The online gossip decided to go public about the same sex smooch earlier this week (beg31Mar08) after growing tired of Mayer's blog attacks on him and his website. And Hilton has now revealed even more salacious gossip about his Mayer 'prank' kiss at a New York party - in front of the rocker's then-girlfriend Jessica Simpson - after the singer/songwriter's publicist dismissed the story. Appearing on Los Angeles DJ Ryan Seacrest's show on Thursday morning (03Apr08), Hilton said, "He kissed me and I kissed him back... It was like on the mouth with open mouth and tongue. "While John Mayer and I are making out hardcore, she's (Simpson), like, rubbing his crotch. I swear a hundred per cent... He just kept going and going and going." And Hilton insists he's thrilled Mayer's publicist dismissed the story as "completely ridiculous," adding, "I know his rep and they carefully worded that not to deny it. "I heard he (Mayer) wanted to confirm it and release something funny but his publicist wouldn't let him." And now Hilton insists a photo of the kiss exists - because he saw a flash as he was locked in an embrace with Mayer: "I want that picture to get out there because you can't deny photographic evidence."