Perez Hilton says Lady GaGa's behaviour towards him has left him full of ''sadness'' and he doesn't think they can repair their friendship.

The pair were once good friends but their relationship has broken down and descended into a full-blown feud after Gaga accused the gossip blogger of stalking her by looking at an apartment in the same New York apartment block she lives in.

Perez is disappointed about what has happened but is ready to move on.

During an appearance on 'The Kyle & Jackie O Show' on Australian station 2Day FM he was quizzed on the feud, replying: ''The deal is, that she really makes me sad, there's a sadness.''

When host Kyle enquirer as to whether they could sort out their differences and become friends again, Perez was not confident they could.

He explained: ''At this point I'd have to say no, I don't think that either of us want that or are ready for that. Anything could happen in the future but not right now. Sometimes you lose your friendship, it's sad and it's still really painful to me, I'm trying to rise above but whenever I think about it I'm filled with such hurt, anger and sadness and that probably manifests itself in subconscious ways. I wish her health and she seems to be healthier so that's a good thing.''

Perez also scoffed at Gaga's claims he has been stalking her, and insists their bond had been broken because he decided to criticise her music - in particular new single 'Applause'.

He said: ''Look, things escalated recently ... I'm here in New York now, I'm here indefinitely, and buying a place here, and my realtor took me on a tour of open houses, had I known that she lived in one building that I saw an apartment in, I wouldn't have even looked at it in the first place, because I don't want to be living at a place where she's living, for a variety of reasons, and the world doesn't revolve around Lady Gaga! I'm not being mean or nasty towards her all I'm doing is my job and being critical and pointing out the facts ... her song hasn't cracked the top ten in Australia it's not doing well across the world actually, it's not doing awfully but it's definitely what some might call a disappointment. I don't take myself that seriously, I take what I do seriously, I take that even more seriously than anything else, meaning I don't want to be friends with celebrities, because it makes it complicated ... I still have a job to do. I take my job seriously.''