Review of Forgotten Knights EP by Pepe Deluxe

Pepe Deluxe
Forgotten Knights
EP Review

Pepe Deluxe Forgotten Knights EP

'Forgotten Knights' is a funk inspired track released on the class label Catskills Records. Pepe Deluxe are certainly talented musicians. The music is uplifting that is tightly arranged with loads going on. The funk message is evident on all the tracks on this EP.

'Lucky the Blind vs Vacuum Cleaning Monster' has a real Beck influence to it. 'The Mischief Of Cloud Six' has a real 60's throwback shake your ass and let your hair go crazy style, straight out of Austin Powers. The last track 'Et Tu, Brute?' is a seriously amazing funk jam that blows your mind, straight from the Bar Kays. There's definitely some love and passion going on with the Forgotten Knights however they could be blamed for rehashing old styles quite blatantly.

Tareck Ghoneim

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