That awkward moment where you're Steve Harvey and you think everyone's over the Miss Universe fiasco, but then the People's Choice Awards do this. Someone call the burn unit! Yep, this award show has decided to recreate 2015's most awkward moment on TV with a short skit.

Jane LynchJane Lynch mocks Steve Harvey

Host Jane Lynch very convincingly told the audience that this year would feature a whole new award. 'We're trying something new this year', she said. 'This year's People's Choice Awards has picked one entertainer who, for whatever reason, has never won a People's Choice Award before but who we believe is deserving of one.'

She announces 'The Odd Couple' star Tom Lennon, who looks pleasantly surprised as he goes up to accept his award and begin his speech. No sooner had he made a quip about his high school principal than Lynch took to the microphone to reveal that she had in fact made a mistake in that he was just the first runner-up and the winner was actually Miss Colombia. As a lookalike of the pageant queen hit the stage, Lynch looked much less sorry than Harvey did as Lennon stared, wide-eyed with mock horror. 

'Listen, it's my fault, I didn't bother to come to dress rehearsal', Lynch joked. 'And man, I just read the card wrong, I'm so sorry.'

It was a rather sweet tribute to the Miss Universe reject, who later took to Twitter to thank the awards show for the mention. 'Thank you so much People's Choice for this surprise! It was AWESOME', said Miss Colombia aka Ariadna Gutierrez, adding later that she was 'Feeling so grateful'.

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The joke was in reference to the incident of December 2015's Miss Universe pageant, which saw presenter Steve Harvey call out the wrong winner. Unfortunately, it was several minutes before he corrected his mistake, revealing with sincere apologies that Miss Philippines, aka Pia Wurtzbach, had actually won and Colombia was first runner-up. By then, Colombia had received her flowers, crown and sash, and faced the humiliating task of removing them and handing them to her co-contender. Ouch!