Penelope Cruz spent a "really magical" time with Karl Lagerfeld shortly before he passed away.

The legendary fashion designer died from complications of pancreatic cancer in February 2019, at the age of 85, and Penelope has recalled her last moments with him in New York City.

Speaking at the Annual Museum of Modern Art Film Benefit, Penelope said: "My last day with him was here in New York. We were walking in Central Park at 12 at night and it was really magical."

The 47-year-old actress honoured the iconic designer by walking in a Chanel show after his passing.

And Penelope - who has also modelled for the likes of Ralph Lauren and L'Oreal during her career - feels proud of her connection to the Chanel brand.

The movie star - who is married to actor Javier Bardem - told People: "I feel very honoured to be part of the brand."

Penelope attended her first Chanel show in 1999 and she still has vivid memories of her early meetings with the designer.

She previously shared: "I remember a very special dinner we had at the Hotel Costes. My father was there and the way he treated my dad, how kind and respectful he was to my dad, even if they didn’t speak the same language, that always stayed with me.

"We all know he was a genius, but when you got to spend time with him, you discovered that other side, of kindness and sweetness. Over the last year working together with him, especially, we became close, we had a very strong connection. I loved all the conversations I would have with him, he knew so much about everything, and still had so much curiosity to keep on learning."