Review of Because I Do EP by Pearl And The Puppets

Well we've had Florence And The Machine with no machine and Marina And The Diamonds with no Diamonds. Now though we do have Pearl And The Puppets with The Puppets actually being the band for Pearl AKA Katie Sutherland. Their EP 'I Do Like You' is a four track number, and starts off with the title track. Straight away it shows off the purity of Sutherland's vocals and at times the backing vocals are so soft that you could probably miss on the first listen. The music has a beautiful melody to it and does have a catchy feel to it and 'I Do Like You' could slide straight into mainstream obscurity.

Pearl And The Puppets Because I Do EP

So to the rest of the EP and any cynic would say these are B-Sides to the single, but let's give them a chance shall we? 'Girlfriend' continues the whole purity feeling, the listener being mesmerised by her every word, and this song is equally as impressive, and continues as mellowed out music.

'Mango Tree' bring a little more life to the EP, which is good because there's only so much of 'mellow and nice' that you can take before falling to sleep. The EP closes with 'Lower Ground' it would be easy to imagine a group of hippies sat around a fire all having a nice sing-along together.

'Because I Do' is a showcase of four good tracks; however an album packed of this could be a bit too much. To deliver a full album of tracks like this it might be a little too much, a bit of diversity maybe needed to see Pearl And The Puppets have a successful full length.


Mark Moore

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