Peaches Geldof will not have her newborn son circumcised.

The 23-year-old daughter of Bob Geldof - who gave birth to Astala Dylan Willow on Saturday (21.04.12) - converted to Judaism for fiancé Thomas Cohen last year, although both have decided against having the little one undergo the traditional procedure.

Thomas, who fronts band S.C.U.M, said: ''Even though we're both Jewish, our baby won't have a Jewish circumcision.''

And another thing their first-born won't be having is a nanny as the love-birds are determined to do everything themselves.

Thomas told the Daily Star newspaper: ''We definitely won't have a nanny. We have already made that decision.

''It'll be just us and our families looking after our baby.

''We've discussed how we're going to bring him up, but that's something I can't really talk about.''

Meanwhile, the proud father - who will marry Peaches in a full Jewish ceremony next year - says he has been swotting up on ways to make his boy smile.

He added: ''I've been reading baby books and watched a film the other night with tips on how to make sure he'll be happy. My favourite thing for the nursery is a wigwam to put outside.

''I'm going to put him in it. It's really for when he's a bit older, but I couldn't resist it.''