Thomas Cohen, the widower of Peaches Geldof has paid tribute to his late wife while performing his first solo gig in London. The 25-year-old reportedly referenced Geldof’s passing in two of the songs he performed during the set, which was watch by Peaches’ sister Pixie and Cohen’s rumoured new girlfriend Daisy Lowe.

Thomas Cohen and Peaches GeldofThomas Cohen, pictured with Peaches Geldof in January 2014.

The Mirror reports that Cohen introduced one song saying it was about “living in Kent” where he and Peaches had their family home. He sang: “You couldn’t make it through. Time to say goodbye. Holding onto each other and sing to one another. Everyone knows the house feels so cold. Just to say goodbye.”

Another song included the lyrics, “Sleeping alone, it’s hard to go on in our country home, where we belong. Sing to me one last time. Your sun is still shining. Hold my hand as the sea becomes a storm.”

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Cohen formerly fronted London art-punk band S.C.U.M and will release his debut album Bloom Forever later this year. Before going on stage he was presented with a bouquet of flowers from Peaches’ sister Pixie and his reported girlfriend Daisy Lowe was said to be watching from the crowd.

Peaches’ father Bob Geldof has also spoken to The Mirror about his anger following his daughter’s death at the age of 25. “At the time, with Peach I mean, immediately afterwards, I was extremely angry with her and probably that was the energy you discerned, it wasn’t a positive thing at all,” Geldof said.

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Speaking about losing both Peaches and her mother Paula Yates to heroin, Geldof said: “I watch against myself getting drippy or sentimental about either of them, although I loved them to the core of my soul and still do.”

“I’m not incontinent with my blubbing but when the need arises, I do. I think male crying is somehow different, it seems to come and last a bit and then it goes,” the 64-year-old added.