Review of In Love Album by Peace

Peace release their much-anticipated debut record at the end of this month after riding on tones of hype, which really ramped up with the release of their 'Delicious' EP at the end of last year. The Birmingham 4-piece do have a lot going for them though. The hype needs to be believed when it comes to Peace. Oh yes. It was 'Follow Baby' that got everyone nattering because of its Britpop riff, teamed with a carefree chorus about living forever (how very Oasis) and the striking colour video. But Peace are not a carbon copy of the 90s because that era's sound is rung out like a wet tea towel, leaving its damp residue for some recent likenesses and space for their individuality to absorb into.

Peace In Love Album

Lead single 'Wraith' and 'Delicious', beginning with a nice popping sound, are dance floor friendly and sound more individual to Peace. The quieter offerings on 'In Love', do the same like 'Float Forever' and the heady 'California Daze' - "She tastes like sunlight and she's always gonna be there in the back of your mind".

There are so many different influences from various trends and crammed into 'In Love' the tracks seem to withhold a flashback from the past twenty or years so in music to be triggered. It's not a bad thing by any means, it makes this record more engaging and fun. But a second album from Peace following the same correlation could get a little tedious.

'Waste of Paint' has a riff where you automatically just think Blur, 'London Loves' or 'There's No Other Way' and 'Toxic' gives a bizarre nod to Sheryl Crow's 90s hit 'All I Wanna Do'. There's the distinctive tune with Harrison Koisser's strained voice "All I gotta do is forget you". These prove how they 90s vibe runs through the album in a manner of very different forms. 'Lovesick' is less groovy than its Friendly Fires comparison but it'll get caught up in your head. It feels like it should soundtrack an American chick flick, just as the two 'cute' teens are getting together. Koisser's vocal and simplistic rhythm sound quite like The Cure.

Despite making out that a lot of things on 'In Love' sound like something else, Peace have combined these old and new traits well. They're produced a debut that sounds weirdly fresh, despite all the references, it's a joy to wrap your ears around and appreciate.

Hayley Fox

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