007 Nightfire Review

007 Nightfire Review On PC

Shaken not Stirred...

Fast cars, beautiful women and gadgets but that's enough about me let have a look at James Bond Nightfire. As expected from the moment you install this game it looks spot on with great scenery, effects and characters. There has obviously been many hours spent on the look and feel of the game giving it the classic James Bond exotic appeal. Controls seem to be more or less the standard first person setup, so it's easy to get straight down to action.

No JB would be complete without a mass of gadgets (lets face it this is why most of us watched the films in the first place!) so Nightfire is no exception, gadgets include your Q-specs(night and X-Ray vision - useful for Bond babes), poison dart pen and your trusty laser watch (handy for cracking the odd lock) plus many more…

Weaponry includes 007's preferred Walther PPK (sorry "Wolfram P2K") plus an interesting selection covering large, small, loud and quiet so you should find something that matches your taste. Interesting armourments include the Phoenix Laser Rifle, a handy sniper rifle and the extremely useful At-420 Sentinel camera guided missile.

007 Nightfire Reviewed On PC @ www.contactmusic.com
007 Nightfire Reviewed On PC @ www.contactmusic.com

The single player game spans 9 action packed levels filled with slinky girls, great locations and despicable baddies, including a couple of old bond favourites like Jaws with his large silver gnashers and the lethal bowler wielding Odd Job, so watch out! Multiplayer action delivers the usually refinements with 15 maps and space for 32 of your gun toting mates.

But should I buy it? Overall JB Nightfire is a well presented first person shoot-em up with the added dimension of a few gadgets and well known bad guys. It doesn't break the mould or set the world alight but its entertaining enough to keep you hooked to the end. If you're a James bond fan it's a must but if you prefer multiplayer action stick to Unreal Tournament 2003. In the end I'm shaken but not stirred………

….Do you expect me to talk?

No Mr Bond I expect you to die!

7.5 out of 10