The indie rockers, fronted by Stephen Malkmus, split in 1999 after 10 years but staged a reunion tour in 2010 before disbanding again.

Now they are eyeing another return to the spotlight after TV host Stephen Colbert asked them to appear as guests when he takes over from David Letterman as presenter of The Late Show in September (15).

The band's percussionist Bob Nastanovich says, "Pavement's supposed to play. If we can get it all together, we've been invited to play on the new Colbert show in, like, September. So that might be cool. Hopefully it'll come off, right now it seems kind of 50/50...

"I don't even know what we're gonna play or anything like that, but they invited us to do it a few weeks ago and we're trying to schedule it all out. Everyone else in my band, they've got kids and stuff."