The Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol beauty separated from Robin in early 2014, after almost nine years of marriage. The singer spent the following months publicly pleading with his high school sweetheart to take him back, even naming the album he subsequently released, Paula, after her, but the actress shunned a reunion and they officially divorced a year ago (Mar15).

Robin bounced back from the broken marriage by quickly embarking on a romance with model April Love Geary, who is 17 years his junior, but Paula is only now feeling emotionally ready to find love again.

The 40-year-old, who shares five-year-old son Julian with her ex, makes the declaration in a new video posted on, in which she encourages other women in similar positions not to be afraid to date again, even though it may lead to further heartache.

"You need to know that it's worth it," Paula explained of entering a new relationship. "At the end of the day, having a partner in crime for life is so amazing and special when it's real and genuine, that it's worth taking the risk. And you are going to get hurt, trust me, I know! I've been hurt a couple times - maybe more than a couple times. But you gotta pick yourself back up, and give it another chance. I know I'm going to!"

Paula goes on to touch on what turns her off in a partner, suggesting it's something she's put up with in the past.

"If you pout you're out!" she quipped. "I'm not dealing with a pouty man... I'm not doing that anymore."