Paula Patton dresses to suit her mood.

The 39-year-old actress has revealed she enjoys experimenting with her style and prefers to adapt each of her looks to suit how she feels on a specific day.

She said: ''My mind changes all the time. Sometimes I like things if they're splashy and full of colour and sort of a risk. I guess I dress based on my mood and what feels best on my body.''

However, the 'Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol' star still regrets some of her more adventurous fashion choices and refuses to look at embarrassing photos from her past.

She said: ''I wouldn't even want to look back at my old pictures, I have no idea what was going on!

''But at the time you know you think you're doing the right thing. You don't ever want to leave the house and not like what you're wearing so I guess whenever you do do it, you think it works. And then you look back and you might think differently!''

The brunette beauty - who is the new face of clothing label Ellen Tracy - also shared her own tips for styling the womenswear collection, which she describes as perfect for dressing up or down.

She told PEOPLE: ''What I really love about the clothing: It's classic clothing that fits a woman very well. It's affordably priced.

''But you can embellish it however you choose to do it or not. If you want to go really classic and simple with it you can. If you want to add anything to make it a bit quirky or edgier it has that capability. That's what appeals to me.''