Celebrity Big Brother 2013 has had its first eviction, and Paula Hamilton's biggest fear came to fruition as the ex-supermodel became the first of the season to be evicted.

Hamilton, 'Speidi' aka Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt, plus Frankie Dettori were all up for eviction. Frankie had sacrificed himself to make sure everyone one the 'basement' could come up to the main house, and stop living in squalor. During evictions, Speidi - as one housemate - received 10 nominations, i.e. everyone in the house nominated them, and Paula got four nominations. She took the news badly and even threatened to leave early. For the following day she ranted about how she had feared being first to leave, telling the other housemates that she was convinced she'd be leaving and that it would seriously, negatively affect her career. While the other housemates tried to reassure her that it was 'just a game', she retorted that it wasn't a game, that is affected her life.

Upon leaving the house she was met with boos. Speidi managed to survive the week despite being boring and mean. The voting was to save the housemate rather than evict though, so while Frankie has been endearing, and Speidi have their die-hard obsessive fans around the nation, Paula in contrast seemed a little tame. Having been saved though, Speidi have been set a secret task by Big Brother - to convince fellow housemates that they're walking out... only to head straight to the basement where it will have been made suitable for the couple, from which they will reign over the main house, unbeknownst to the rest of them. Sneaky.