If you're reading this, chances are you don't need reminding about why Paula Deen has been in the news for so long, but the question remains as to whether Deen's punishment is over or whether it has only just begun. As more and more sponsors drop her name from their products, and her TV days look increasingly numbered, things are looking terrible for Deen, but what are the chances, if any, of her regaining some of her former glory back at some point?

Paula Deen Today
Deen's career looks like it might never recover, but stranger things have happened

Reality shows love a good washed-up celebrity who has had their lives fall apart, and maybe here - not in the immediate future, but soon - will Deen actually make a TV comeback. It will get people talking thats for sure and anyone who decides to hire Deen from now on, be it a TV show or just a road-side diner, will receive plenty of free publicity. In fact, the rate TV is going these days, does the idea of 'Paula Deen's Racist Cook School' really sound like that farfetched an idea? Someone would buy it.

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If she did come back to TV, would you watch her?

Does Deen even deserve to be back though? Most people will say no although a number of Americans have stood up for Paula, after all we each make mistakes and how many people can honestly say that if they had to repeat something they've said in the past, it wouldn't sound horrible now?

With the Food Network, QVC, Sears Holdings, J.C. Penney, Walgreens and more all dropping Deen, it looks as though she is on the brink of disappearing from the public eye altogether, taking a eight-figure pay cut along the way, but if we've learned anything from watching stars fall from grace then she will probably be back.

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She could always become the resident chef for the KKK