Paula Deen has fried… pardon, fired her New York-based agent Barry Weiner, following her n-word controversy and its fallout, TMZ reports. Well, there had to be someone to take the fall for the debacle. In the two weeks, following the scandalous deposition, in which Deen admitted to having used the n-word and made racial jokes, the former Food Network regular has lost millions of dollars in endorsement and sponsorship deals. Wal-Mart, Target, JCPenney, Sears and K-Mart, among others, have all severed ties with the disgraced chef and no longer carry her line of cookware in their stores. Deen’s book publisher has also backed out of the contract.

Paula Deen, Today Show
Maybe some new representation will fix things.

Additionally, note the use of the word “former”. The first company to drop the butter-loving celebrity chef, was the Food Network, which cancelled Paula’s contract for her two shows – Paula’s Home Cooking and Paula’s Best Dishes. The chef had said on several occasions that Weiss was instrumental in securing the Food Network deal.

Paula Deen, Whole Foods Grand Tasting Village
It's not looking good, though.


Two weeks after the first wave of the scandal and now clearly in need of a job, Deen is also looking for new representation. The split, however, was relatively amicable, with Elana Weiss, a representative for Deen, saying in a statement that Paula and her family would like to "thank him for the tireless effort and dedication over the many years."

Paula Deen, 2013 Book Expo
The book deal has also gone down the drain.