Paul Weller wants to write his autobiography - with a science-fiction twist.

The 56-year-old rocker would be interested in committing his life story to paper, but would want to do something unusual with his recollections.

Asked if he would write an autobiography, he said: ''Yeah. But with a science-fiction theme to it. Set in space or something.''

The 'Wake Up the Nation' singer may have a hard time completing his old stories thanks to a ritual of destroying all his notebooks after making a record.

He told Uncut magazine: ''I had this ritual, all my notebooks, after I finished a record, I'd either burn them or cut them into little pieces.

''My feelings were always get rid of it, burn it, move on.

''It's only recently that a mate of mine said, 'You should have kept all of them.' So I've started keeping them now.''

Despite beginning his career in the late 70s, the former Jam rocker doesn't feel he has anything in common with other artists of the era who are still working now, such as John Lydon, Mick Jones and Siouxsie Sioux.

He said: ''I don't relate to any of those people. Not because I dislike them or their music, but they don't feel like peers to me. They haven't been consistent enough for me to regard them as peers, to be quite honest with you.

''I've got more in common with people who are much younger than me.''