The former The Jam star quit boozing in 2010 after a series of bust-ups with his wife Hannah, and he admits he struggled to get through life without alcohol for the first two years of his sobriety.

He confessed in 2012 that he is an alcoholic, and he is delighted he managed to kick his booze demons because he would have died within years if he had failed to stop drinking.

Weller tells The Observer Magazine, "I miss the chaos and madness sometimes, but I can do without that for the benefits of not drinking. And I think if I had carried on as I was, I probably wouldn't be here. It was getting dark. Again, age. I keep going back to it, but you just can't do the same thing, you know?

"I've seen lots of people who carry on, and you just think, 'You ain't got long to go.' And after a while, you're not funny anymore, you become an old drunk, you're just boring, and you talk the same s**t. You look stupid. If you try to hang on to who you think you were, you end up being a parody of yourself."