Paul Weller is ''sick'' of bands reforming.

The 54-year-old rocker feels ''disappointed'' that the music industry is celebrating the likes of The Stone Roses and Blur for getting back together as it is damaging for up-and-coming artists.

He said: ''It drives me potty to be honest and I'm sick of seeing it.

''It is big business at the moment and I find it really disappointing and I think all the time that is spent on bands reforming and nostalgia.

''What about new bands, or young bands, coming in which don't get a look in.

''I don't know what the reason is. Why is it so prevalent? Is it because people stick to what they know or what they are comfortable or safe with?

''But I think I come from a time when all the artists I grew up with and I loved always used to try and push the boundaries and there doesn't seem to be so much of that really.

''It is the same sort of thing and I find it disappointing.''

The former frontman of The Jam has vowed to continue making music, and won't let critics reactions deter him from following his passion.

He is quoted by the Daily Mirror newspaper as saying: ''It is nice to make a record and people like it, and it's encouraging.

''But equally, if people wouldn't have liked it I would still think it was a great record.

''In recent years it just seems to flow.''