Review of Days of Speed Single by Paul Weller

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2. Paul Weller Days of Speed (12" - Independiente)
It could be considered a brave move. After half a lifetime spent delighting audiences with a full band ensemble, to then decide to go it alone to go on tour with simply your voice and a guitar.
But that is what Paul Weller did, and, as he says in the cover notes to Days of Speed, the album which charts these extensive live shows, the challenge appealed to me. Whether just my songs and me performing would be strong enough on their own, without the dynamic of a band, the swirling lights and backdrops
And on the face of it, the choice of songs, which spans the music of over twenty years of one of the countrys most successful singer/songwriters, looks as comprehensive as it could be.
Although an almost impossible task to select eighteen tracks from a lifetime of work, he thankfully includes many of the most memorable moments. The earliest spine tingling chords of English Rose, the jukebox classic Thats Entertainment, Stanley Roads You Do Something to Me, and the Style Councils less recent Down In The Seine.
And, although impossible to completely capture the experience of the live show, Weller need not have concerned himself with keeping the attention of an audience.
As Days of Speed proves, he continues, a unique voice and a unique talent. If cool needs personification this is it. And as the saying goes, theres still plenty of life in the old dog yet.