Review of ast Car Slow Traffic Single by Paul Weller

The Modfather Paul Weller has returned and has come back like the Weller we all know and love. Even the music industry recognise that he's back with vengeance with his critically acclaimed album 'Wake Up The Nation' being nominated for the Mercury Prize.

Paul Weller ast Car Slow Traffic Single

'Fast Car Slow Traffic' is the new single and it hits you from start to finish, it is as if he has been looking back on his career and decided to do the best bits again, the energy that's been lacking on previous records has now returned and it's great to hear Weller's inimitable vocal once again.

Perhaps his return to form is something to do with the fact that once again Paul is working with his former band mate Bruce Foxton? Whatever the catalyst was, we're just glad he's back to writing quick, quirky and quality straight to the point tracks.


Mark Moore

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