Paul Walker's daughter is set to inherit the entirety of the late actor's $25 (£15) million fortune, as is detailed in his will which has recently been obtained by TMZ. Walker, who died in a car crash on the 30th November last year, named his father as executor of his will and granted his whole estate to his 15 year-old daughter, Meadow.

Paul Walker
Paul Walker Has Left His Entire Estate To His Teenage Daughter.

Paul's dad, Paul, filed the will with the court and petitioned the court to appoint Paul's mother Cheryl as Meadow's guardian. Walker also wanted Cheryl to be the guardian of the $25 million, which will mean Meadow's grandmother has control of the money until the teen reaches a responsible age.

Paul Walker Fast & Furious Premiere
The Late Actor's Will Also Requests That His Mother Cheryl Be Meadow's Guardian.

The guardianship request could be potentially tricky seeing as Meadow currently lives with her mother, Paul's ex-girlfriend Rebecca Soteros. If Paul's final wish is granted, Meadow will have to live with her grandmother and not her mother as she has done for her whole life.

Soteros has not yet publically commented on Paul's unusual request so it's unclear whether she approves of the petition to change Meadow's guardianship.

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It Will Be Decided In Court Who Meadow Should Live With.

Walker was 40 when he died alongside his friend, Roger Rodas, who was driving the red sportscar that careered off the road at an estimated 100 miles per hour and crashed numerous roadside obstacles, killing both passengers. The Fast & Furious actor's tragic death sent shockwaves throughout Hollywood and his Hurricane Katrina movie Hours was released post-humously.

A court hearing is scheduled for later this month.