Sunglasses purported to have been worn by the late Paul Walker as he was involved in a fatal car collision are being auctioned off by an eagle-eyed bystander who plundered them from the grisly scene. The Fast & Furious actor and his driver friend, Roger Rodas, were both killed when the sports car they were in hit several roadside obstacles at high speed. The seller, who wishes to remain anonymous, claims to have stopped to help just after the California crash on the 30th November 2013.

Paul Walker
Sunglasses Believed To Have Been Worn During The Late Paul Walker's Crash Are Being Auctioned.

The mysterious auctioneer explains that police ordered him and other bystanders away from the scene as they conducted their investigation. He said he returned once the wreckage had been cleared away and plucked the charred sunglasses from a bush where they had presumably been ejected from the explosion.

Paul Walker Fast & Furious Premiere
Walker's Fans Have Raced To Condemn The Profiteering Actions Of The Mystery Seller.

The other "mementos" that the seller pilfered from the scene includes a fire extinguish that he claims was used to combat the crash's blaze, torn fabric and other indistinguishable pieces of debris, and photographs that he took of the incident. As interest in the macabre items spreads throughout the world, Bid has extended the auction, which now stands at $1729.00.

The site has not yet publically responded to outrage from Walker's fans across the globe who have collectively condemned the seller's desire to profiteer from the tragic incident. However, the website the seller used to list the items states that some of the profits will go to charity: "These auction items are offered with the acknowledgement of Paul Walker's immeasurable charitable contributions. A portion of the proceeds will benefit."

Paul Walker Red Carpet Fast & Furious
Despite Having Received Criticism, The Auction Has Been Extended To Invite International Bids.

Walker was spotted wearing what looks like the same sunglasses - of the same Maui Jim brand - on the day that he died. Authorities have said that whilst the sunglasses' authenticity is doubted, it's hard to rule that the consignor is wrong. "As a department we doubt that they are actually Paul Walker's sunglasses. But who knows, maybe they are. Right now we doubt it," said an LA police department spokesperson, via LA Weekly.

The sunglasses weren't the first thing to be lifted from the scene: two local men were arrested as they stole pieces of the wrecked Porsche Carrera GT as the flatbed it was being towed on had to stop at traffic lights.

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