The MTV Movie Awards are usually a time for fun, blockbusters and shirtless Zefron, but last night’s ceremony included a solemn moment, as co-stars and colleagues paid tribute to the late Paul Walker. The actor died in a high speed car accident in Santa Monica on November 30, 2013. Walker’s Fast & Furious co-star Jordana Brewster stepped up first to introduce the tribute video. In her moving speech, she called Walker “humble” and remembered his kindness.

Paul Walker
The tear-inducing video paid tribute to Walker's acting work, as well as his numerous charities.

“He thought about others," Brewster said, referencing many of his philanthropic endeavors, including tagging great white sharks for research purposes. Walker's relief work was also mentioned, revealing a side of the actor, rarely glimpsed during his lifetime "He never asked for credit or glory. He was just a really good guy."

Jordana Brewster
Jordana Brewster led the tribute to her late Fast & Furious co-star.

The video featured Vin Diesel’s voice, narrating over clips from some of Walker’s films, including Varsity Blues, Pleasantville and multiple Fast & Furious flicks. There were also photos and video of Walker’s relief work, particularly of his organisation ROWW (Reaching Out WorldWide), which provides disaster relief to areas devastated by storms and other natural disasters.

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Vin Diesel
Walker's friend and co-star Vin Diesel lent his voice to the touching look over the actor's life and work.


"The world saw his magic onscreen," Diesel said. "Yet I wish the world could have seen how special a brother he was."