Paul Walker's sudden and devastating death on Saturday November 30th will undoubtedly shake the movie world for quite some time. At 40 years old Paul had become one of Hollywood's recognisable faces as well as a man willing to give back, apart from starring in one of cinema's most successful film franchise 'Fast & Furious' he also used his status to help others in need by forming a humanitarian aid group called 'REACH OUT Worldwide.'

Paul Walker
Paul Walker died at the age of 40

In Honour of the late Paul Walker, let's look back at how he carved his way into one of Hollywood's biggest stars.

Paul, who was a native of Glenville California, first experienced acting at a very young age appearing in several TV commercials before landing the role 'Professor Bennett' in the horror/spoof 'Monster in the Closet' (1986).

He then starred in the television series 'Throb' for 23 episodes from 1986-87 a 'Jeremy Beatty', following this were several guest television appearances until he was cast in 'Appearance to kill' (1987). After it was released, he appeared in several other television shows including 'Who's The Boss?', The Young and the Restless' and 'Touched by an Angel', before making his big Hollywood debut.

Walker was cast in 1998's 'Pleasantville', a comedy-drama starring Reese Witherspoon and Tobey McGuire, which sees two teenagers from the 90's travel into a 1950's sitcom called 'Pleasentville'. Walker was cast as 'Skip Martin', a character already in the television show, and played a key role in depicting how the influence of Witherspoon and McGuire began to change the complacent town.

Following this, Walker had roles in comedy 'Varsity Blues', teen movie 'She's All That' and played the role of 'Caleb Mandrake' in 2000's crime thriller 'The Skulls'. Starring alongside Joshua Johnson, it portrays a secret elite organisation that offers wealth and power, but Johnson quickly learns there is corruption and crime within its members. Walker's character is the son of 'The Skulls' current chairman and finds himself involved in the corrupt conspiracy theories.