Always Evolving, the Valencia, CA car shop owned by Paul Walker and Roger Rodas - the friends who died in a car crash earlier last month - is closing its doors for good. Sources close to Rodas tell that the performance and racing shop is expected to shut in the next few weeks. The people who helped run the shop have already left and are currently looking for new jobs.

Paul WalkerPaul Walker's Car Shop is Closing

The shop itself is being cleaned out and many of the expensive in-house cars will be auctioned off.

Sources say there's a core group of people who are determined to keep the shop open, but without the dedicated leadership and financial support of both Rodas and Walker, it's believed to be an impossible task.

Walker and Rodas were killed when the latter's Porsche GT Carrera crashed into a lamppost and tree in Los Angeles and burst into flames.

Smoke was visible from Always Evolving, located around the corner from the crash site. Jim Torp - who has worked at the shop for years - said his son Brandon grabbed a fire extinguisher and headed up the hill followed by about 20 co-workers.

Paul Walker catwalkPaul Walker On The Catwalk

"There was nothing they could do," Torp told the Los Angeles Times. "These kids use this area to drift all the time. And that's exactly why we have all these tire marks around here," Jim Torp said.

Soon after the crash, a makeshift memorial site was created, with candles, Fast and Furious DVDs and flowers.