As the seventh 'Fast & Furious' movie continues to dominate the global box office, rumours are swirling about where the franchise will go from here. Originally conceived as the first in a trilogy, 'Furious 7' was rewritten as a send-off for the late actor Paul Walker and ends on a definitive final note. So where to from here?

Michelle Rodriguez and Vin Diesel in 'Furious 7'
Michelle Rodriguez and Vin Diesel in 'Furious 7'

"We think there's at least three more," says Donna Langley, head of the film's studio, Universal. "Paul is, and always will be, an integral part of the story. But there are many other great characters, and it's also an opportunity to introduce new characters."

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But it's looking like the producers will now need to find a new director. 'Furious 7' director James Wan was originally set to make 7 to 9, but has now gone on to direct 'The Conjuring 2' and is the front-runner to helm' Aquaman'. And previous franchise director Justin Lin (3 to 6) is making 'Star Trek 3', 'The Wolf Man' and a new 'Bourne' movie.

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Meanwhile, the franchise's star Vin Diesel has been dropping hints that the action will move to New York in 'Fast & Furious 8', with a more central role for Kurt Russell and perhaps a lead role for Lucas Black, who starred in the third film and had a cameo in 'Furious 7'. There are also reports that Eva Mendes might return to the franchise more than 12 years after she starred in '2 Fast 2 Furious'.

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But the best possibility is that Helen Mirren will pop up in 'Fast & Furious 8'. As she has said: "My great ambition is to be in a 'Fast & Furious' movie. I keep putting it out there, and they never ask me. I love Vin Diesel. He's a great guy, smart. It's partly because of him I'd like to be in one, but also the driving."

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