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Joel Kinnaman: Robocop Suit Wasn't Good For Pee

Joel Kinnaman had trouble peeing in his 'RoboCop' suit. The Swedish actor had 45lb of armour applied to turn him into the cyborg policeman every day of filming on the new movie - a process...

Dylan Mcdermott Turned Down Showgirls Over Penis Idea

Dylan Mcdermott turned down a lead role in racy drama Showgirls after director Paul Verhoeven insisted on electronically enhancing his penis for the big screen.MCDermott reveals he came close to being part of the critically-panned...

Colin Farrell Was 'Dubious' About Total Recall

Colin Farrell was ''dubious'' about appearing in a 'Total Recall' remake.The 36-year-old actor - who plays the lead role of Douglas Quaid, originally played by Arnold Schwarzenegger, in the new film - admits he was...

Stone Grateful For Crotch-flashing Basic Instinct

SHARON STONE has no regrets about filming her controversial crotch-flashing scene in BASIC INSTINCT, and credits it with establishing her Hollywood presence and allowing her to carry out humanitarian work. The 48-year-old became a part...

Stone And Douglas Finished Basic Instinct Naked

SHARON STONE and MICHAEL DOUGLAS spent the final 10 days of shooting BASIC INSTINCT naked. Director PAUL VERHOEVEN decided to let his stars get to know each other while making the movie before asking them...

Stone Attacked Basic Instinct Director Over Vagina Shot

SHARON STONE attacked BASIC INSTINCT director PAUL VERHOEVEN the first time she saw the racy sex thriller - after she saw her vagina on the big screen. The actress admits she was horrified with the...

Stone Tricked Into Controversial Basic Instinct Scene

Movie-maker PAUL VERHOEVEN duped SHARON STONE into baring her genitals in BASIC INSTINCT by telling her he wouldn't film up her skirt. The controversial scene became an instant piece of must-see cinema, and although...

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