Review of MoonRock Album Sampler Album by Paul Steel

Paul Steel
Album Sampler

Paul Steel MoonRock Album Sampler Album

The MoonRock EP gives a whole new definition to electro-music, as we know it.
You think you've heard it all with Klaxons or New Young Pony Club, well think again. Paul Steel is an innovator beyond all imagining, his music: sheer genius.

Opening with 'Your Loss' a dynamic, classy, glam-rock, synth-happy clash of sounds. Sky-scraping vocals and sweeping guitars marry in perfect radiance in an ample doss of electro-rock magic.

Followed by 'In A Come', starts like Winehouses' 'Rehab' but comes back to Paul Steel territory with a bang in a jovial summery burst of gorgeous luminosity. A brief transition in 'I Will Make You Disappear'; not a particularly exciting track, but still obtaining the Steel greatness.

'Rust & Dust' is a paranormal song not terribly fantastic but all that is forgotten when 'Moon Rock' comes along. A bouncy trip to the moon and back again, supernatural vocals and Paul's original brand of electrifying intellect. Not to forget the orchestral section, pretty impressive.

Paul Steel is amazing, his sound: original and his style electric.


Daniel Black

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