Veteran musician Paul Simon has teamed up with U2 rockers Bono and The Edge to help fund a special memorial to late poet Seamus Heaney at Ireland's Dublin Airport.

Simon was the guest of honour on Wednesday (23Apr14) as he joined a group of Heaney's friends and family members at the airport's Terminal 2 and officially unveiled a large Aubusson tapestry, titled Out of The Marvellous, designed by artist Peter Sis and commissioned by Amnesty International bosses to honour the memory of the acclaimed writer, who was a longtime supporter of the human rights organisation.

Simon, Bono and The Edge each donated 10,000 Euros ($13,844/£8,653) to help fund the colourful 60,000 Euro ($83,064/£51,915) piece, which features a tiny creature floating in the blue sky clinging on to a parachute in the shape of an open book, lined with the words of Heaney's Lightenings viii.

Speaking at the presentation, Simon said, "How wonderful that the memory of Seamus Heaney be celebrated with a work of art. It speaks not only to the great affection with which his country holds him but also to a love of poetry that is a sacred part of the Irish soul. Travellers would do well to carry Seamus Heaney's words with them as they journey around the globe. He was, truly, a poet for all the world."

Heaney died last summer (13) and the U2 bandmates were among the mourners at his funeral in September (13).