Paul Rudd doesn't know how many Marvel movies he is contracted for.

The 46-year-old actor made his debut in the superhero universe with the title role in 'Ant-Man' earlier this year and was ''thrilled'' to be told he would also appear in 'Captain America 3', but is unsure how many other movies he is tied to the studio for.

He admitted: ''I probably should know shouldn't I? I'll find out. I know it's a few.

''Like, they started 'Captain America 3' and said, 'You're written into this' and I was thrilled. But also contracted.

''Let's just say, if they want to make an 'Ant-Man' sequel, I think I'm signed up.''

Paul particularly enjoyed the unusual sets that came with playing the tiny character.

He said: ''That's that I loved about it, it's a superhero action movie but all the action would take place on table tops and toy train sets and carpets.''

However, the actor admitted his favourite ever filming experience was alongside Amy Poehler and Bradley Cooper on 'Wet Hot American Summer' because it was so much fun.

He told GQ magazine: ''The original was the most fun I've had on anything ever.

''We were actually there shooting it - it was like being at camp. Whoever wasn't filming that day had to do the half-hour beer run to the local store, and every night we would have a party.''