Hollywood funnyman Paul Rudd wants to know if you will have sex with him?

The 45 year-old made a guest appearance in a hilarious Funny or Die web series called 'Billy on the Street', hosted by Billy Eichner.

In the new episode both Eichner and Rudd took to the streets of New York to ask several strangers a very bizarre question, would they like to have sex with Paul Rudd?

"Paul and I are going to run around and find out which New Yorkers would like to have sex with a charming and absolutely adorable Paul Rudd," Eichner says in the clip. "Are you ready Paul?"

They both then headed to find anyone willing to sleep with the 'Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues' actor, and for the price of only $1.

The first women they asked, answered very enthusiastically: "Of course I would."

Another women, who is assumed to be a fan of Rudd's, said, "I would for nothing!"

The funniest part of the segment came when Eichner approached a middle-aged man and asked him the question.

"No, because he's a man," was the man's first answer, but he did rethink the proposition and quickly changed his response to, "OK, he's cute."

Although Rudd did get a majority of yeses, one elderly women did deny turn him down, in which Eichner has a theory to why this is. "You should have never done Dinner for Schmucks, I told you that," he shouted.

Rudd jokingly quipped back, "I think that is what's affecting this poll."

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In reality the 'This Is 40' actor is married to Julie Yeager, with whom he shares two children together, a son, Jack Sullivan, and a daughter, Darby.

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Rudd was a good sport for playing along though!

Watch the clip of Paul Rudd on 'Billy on the Street' below