The excitement for next week’s Doctor Who 50th anniversary is almost at its peak, especially after the special mini-episode that was released yesterday. As if in response to fans’ worries that the 50th anniversary wouldn’t pay proper homage to DW history, Paul McGann, aka the eighth Doctor pops in to save the day aboard a crashing ship. Because, you know, that’s pretty much the Doctor’s shtick. And boy is it exciting to see him.

Faces of Doctor Who
Matt Smith and David Tennant were confirmed a while ago, but the involvement of all other Doctors was a guessing game until now.

After some actors, who have previously played our favorite Time Lord, denied any involvement in the anniversary, people were beginning to worry. Recently Colin Baker, who played the sixth Doctor, explained in no uncertain terms that he had not been asked to reprise his role in the special.

In an interview with Attractions Magazine, the actor, who played the Time Lord for three consecutive seasons, also noted that as far as he knew, he wouldn't be involved: “If I told you that my lips were sealed, you’d know that I was in it,” Baker said. “But my lips are not sealed and I’m not in it. And I can say that Peter [Davison] isn’t, because I’ve seen him recently, and I can say that Sylvester [McCoy] isn’t and neither is Paul. So none of us have been deemed worthy of inclusion.”

Check out the full interview below, courtesy of Attractions Magazine:

Now that McGann has actually been revealed to star at least in the mini-episode, however, fans have renewed hope that maybe the big episode next week will feature other classic Doctors as well. Well, at the very least, there’s David Tennant, so we can all take that as some small comfort.

Watch the mini-episode, 'The Night of The Doctor':