Paul Giamatti is not the sort of actor who gets typecast easily, his first major success was his role in 'American Splendor' in 2001 for which he won an award for Best Breakthrough Performance from National Board of Review of Motion Pictures, among many other nominations, for portraying comic book author Harvey Pekar. His success burned brighter when he won more than 10 accolades for playing depressed wino Miles Raymond in 2004 comedy drama 'Sideways' as well as being nominated for a Golden Globe, and he was later nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor in boxing flick 'Cinderella Man' opposite Russell Crowe. Next year will no doubt bring in a few shiny new prizes for his latest projects, many of which are definite must-sees.

2013 has seen the Oscar nominee get involved with a variety of upcoming movie projects including animation, romance and superhero action - and we have to say we're glad to see this gifted artiste stamping some of his humour and intensity all over our movie theatres.

Peter Landesman's directorial feature debut 'Parkland' is due for release imminently (October 4th 2013) and sees Giamatti portray the often forgotten Abraham Zapruder; the amateur photographer who unwittingly videoed the assassination of US President John F. Kennedy and whose footage has been seen by millions across the globe. On researching the role, Giamatti explained in an interview that there was a lot of information about Zapruder in the script, but he also learned a lot about his speech and body language from footage of him before and after the assassination. He will star alongside Zac Efron, Marcia Gay Harden and Billy Bob Thornton.

Watch the Paul Giamatti 'Parkland' interview here

'All Is Bright' will also be released on imminently and serves as one of 2013's first tastes of Christmas cinema. Giamatti stars opposite Paul Rudd in the flick playing an ex-thief who has just been released from prison to find that his best friend Rene has stolen his wife and his daughter thinks he's dead. What's more, with the job market virtually closed to anyone with a criminal record, he is forced to take a job with Rene selling Christmas trees if he wants to buy his daughter her dream gift this year. Giamatti injects the right amount of humour, surliness and desperation in this age-old story of making amends over the holiday season.

Paul Giamatti in All Is BrightPaul's character Dennis needs to catch a break - All Is Bright

Paul might be a good-for-nothing criminal in 'All Is Bright', but he gets even nastier as Theophilus Freeman in '12 Years a Slave'. Freeman is a partner of a slave-driver (quite literally) and enjoys nothing more than beating and whipping their subjects. It is based on the true story of Solomon Northup (Chiwetel Ejiofor); a free black violinist who, though he lived in America, was illegally kidnapped and forced into slavery during the 1800s. This poignant drama will be released in the US on October 18th.

Paul Giamatti plays slave pen owner Mr. Theophilus Freeman - 12 Years A SlavePaul Giamatti plays slave pen owner Mr. Theophilus Freeman - 12 Years A Slave

He takes on a more subordinate role in 'Saving Mr Banks'; a film based on the process of Walt Disney's adaptation of PL Travers' book 'Mary Poppins' and their many conflicts surrounding it. Giamatti is Travers' enthusiastic chauffeur, Ralph, who transports her to everywhere she doesn't want to go, such as Disneyland, while Disney - played by Tom Hanks - tries to convince her to let him transfer her story to the big screen. This heartwarming comedy drama is also coming to our screens very soon, this December.

Giamatti appears alongside Emma Thompson - Saving Mr. BanksGiamatti appears alongside Emma Thompson - Saving Mr. Banks

Earlier this year, Giamatti voiced the adorable chubby garden snail Chet - the best friend of the ambitious title character in 'Turbo' who is rather sceptical about his friend's racing dreams. It was mostly met with positive reviews on its release and was nominated at the Golden Trailer Awards. After all, who can't resist talking garden pests? Don't answer that. Giamatti will play another likeable character in Julian Fellowes upcoming Shakespeare adaptation 'Romeo and Juliet'; Friar Laurence, the confidante of Romeo who marries the 'star-crossed lovers' and attempts to help them elope with his own poorly judged escape plan. The movie, starring Douglas Booth and Hailee Steinfeld in lead roles, will hit movie theatres on October 11th. Giamatti re-unites with Fellowes over the festive season, appearing Harold Levinson in the Christmas special of Fellowes Golden Globe winning period drama 'Downton Abbey', which can only be some of the most exciting news the series has had to offer this year.

Paul Giamatti plays the key role of Friar Laurence - Romeo And JulietPaul Giamatti plays the key role of Friar Laurence - Romeo And Juliet

Another major appearance from Mr. G that we have to look forward to is, of course, his portrayal of The Rhino in the highly anticipated 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2' alongside Andrew Garfield. You have quite a bit to wait for this one though, as it won't be around until April 2014. It is currently in post-production but set photos can give you a sneak peak of what's to come - namely Giamatti's rather overly casual costume.

Paul Giamatti getting into the character of Rhino on the set of The Amazing Spider-Man 2
Paul Giamatti getting into the character of Rhino on the set of The Amazing Spider-Man 2

He is also currently recording his voice for the upcoming fantasy animation 'The Little Prince' in which he will star with James Franco and Rachel McAdams, as well as filming his role as Monsieur Homais in the romance drama 'Madame Bovary' with Mia Wasikowska. Giamatti will play the extremely controversial therapist Dr. Eugene Landy in 'Love & Mercy' next year; a biographical movie about the Beach Boys' Brian Wilson and the control that Landy took over his life on a 24-hour basis.

So, as spoilt as we have been this year and what we will be in the coming weeks, next year also looks to have a few amazing performances from Paul Giamatti - and we say bring it on!

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