Dallas' Parkland Hospital on the day U.S. President John F. Kennedy was assassinated - has there ever been a situation riper for a big screen reimaging? Probably not. Paul Giamatti and Zac Efron star, and Oscar talk already surrounds Parkland. Check out the trailer:

With Tom Hanks and Gary Oldman producing, the evocative story of one of America’s lost heroes and a talented cast, this has got Oscars written all over it. In permanent pen.

"This is a movie about the ground truth from the ground level," Director Peter Landesman said about the film. "What surprised me was the power and poignancy of those who survived that day and the three that followed -- the heroism, the instincts and the pathos of those swept up in this tsunami. This is an event that happened to individuals."

Zac EfronZac Efron is set to star...

"No one was prepared for what was coming. They thought the president had the flu," adds Landesman. Paul Giamatti plays Abraham Zapruder, the accidental witness who happened to film the whole thing. "That 26 seconds of film changed his life and all of our lives forever," says Landesman. "It's the most examined and investigated piece of celluloid in the history of film."

As we enter September, talk of Oscar-worthy films heats up. So far, Oddschecker has The Monuments Men out as favourite with odds of 11/2. Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom is there at 7/1 as third favourite, while The Counselor – Ridley Scott’s taut thriller starring Michael Fassbender – is at 20/1. Parkland is absent from that list, but keep an eye on it and make sure you throw a couple bucks at it when it is, because it’ll have an outside chance at excellent odds. Watch this space. Unless of course it’s rubbish, then you can ignore that whole sentence.

Parkland is due out on 20th September.

Paul Giamatti...As is Paul Giamatti