Somebody must have been reading when Paul Giamatti expressed a desire to appear in a Spider-Man film, back in 2011. It’s now been reported that the actor is in talks to join the cast for The Amazing Spider-Man 2, the reboot which stars Andrew Garfield as the web-firing mutant hero.

Giamatti is apparently in talks to play the villainous Rhino, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The character first appeared in the 41st issue of the comic back in 1966; hailing from a Soviet Bloc country, he wore a suit that made him invulnerable whilst giving him super strength and speed; speaking back in 2011, Giamatti admitted that he loved the character. “I thought Rhino was the greatest thing when I was a little kid,” he commented. “It was a guy who was basically in this rhinoceros outfit and I always thought, ‘Why don’t they have The Rhino in one of their movies,’ but maybe The Rhino wasn’t that big of a deal for anybody but me. If they ever go with The Rhino I would be ready and waiting.”

And it appears that Marvel Entertainment have listened; if he does sign up he’ll be joining an impressive looking cast, with Garfield and Emma Stone both returning. Jamie Foxx, Shailene Woodley and Dane DeHaan are also appearing. Marc Webb once again directs.

Paul Giamatti at the Cosmopolis premiere

The Rhino would be a dream role for Paul Giamatti