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Debbie Mcgee Says Paul Daniels Didn't Realise He Was Dying

It seems the reason that Paul Daniels remained so calm and collected following his cancer diagnosis could be more down to the fact that he didn't realise he was dying, rather than his philosophy on...

Paul Daniels Has Peacefully Passed Away Overnight Aged 77

British magician Paul Daniels has passed away in his sleep at the age of 77, having earlier in the year been diagnosed with an operable brain tumour. While the family were not informed about how...

Paul Daniels In High Spirits As He Spends His Final Days At Home

One of Britain's most famous magicians, Paul Daniels, is home for his 'final days' as it's revealed that he's dying from inoperable brain cancer after doctor's found a tumour following a suspected stroke. Despite his...

The Amazing World Of The Real Burt Wonderstones - Incredible Close Up Magic

Magic tricks are a touchy subject among most grown adults nowadays, with it being literally one of those things where you either love it or you absolutely despise it. But there have been a few...

Paul Daniels 'Casts Doubt' On Some Of Jimmy Savile's Alleged Victims

Paul Daniels has caused controversy with a blog suggesting that not all of Jimmy Savile's 450 alleged victims are telling the truth.We've all had our opinions on the case of the late Jimmy Savile and...

Paul Daniels Questions Jimmy Savile Victims, Accused Of Belittlement

Paul Daniels has been "wondering if all of [Savile's] accusers are for real". And his claims have, inevitably, come under intense scrutiny from groups concerned with the people affected by the sex abuse scandal, The...

Paul Daniels Severs Finger In Freak Power Tool Accident

Veteran celebrity comedian Paul Daniels severed the top of his finger after an accident with a circular saw on New Year's Day at his home in Wargrave, Berkshire. Daniels, 73, was attempting to build a...

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