Veteran singer/songwriter Paul Anka has slammed reports he pulled a gun on estranged wife ANNA YEAGER during a domestic dispute last week (begs30Nov09).
Anka filed divorce papers earlier this month (03Dec09) after the pair became embroiled in a bitter argument outside their California home when he arrived at the house to discover his wife had fired the family maid.
Personal trainer Yeager called 911 twice, telling officers she feared for her safety and claiming Anka had pulled a gun on her the night before. Video footage was allegedly checked by police, who decided not to take any further action after no evidence of wrongdoing was found.
Anka recently admitted he was residing in a nearby hotel as his marital problems had escalated, but the 68-year-old singer insists he never pulled a gun on Yeager during their bust-ups.
He says, "It never happened. I never pulled a gun on Anna. Anna called 911, faked that she was crying, and said I put a gun to her head... Anna locked herself and the nanny in the laundry room and started screaming at the top of her lungs. Our kids were in the kitchen, hearing Anna scream, so they started freaking out and crying. Anna went ballistic, she finally comes out and shoves me and then calls 911."
Anka now intends to seek custody of their two children - four-year-old Ethan and his seven-year-old stepdaughter Elli, from Anna's previous marriage - adding, "My children are my number one concern now - I need to protect them from her."
The pair, married 18 months ago, have been caught up in a previous domestic incident - in November last year (08), Yeager was arrested for aiming a piece of ice at Anka's head.