Patty Jenkins thinks superhero movies need more "variety".

The 49-year-old director has hailed superhero films as metaphors "of our times", but believes the ideas and characters that underpin them need to be more diverse.

Patty - who has helmed 'Wonder Woman' and 'Wonder Woman 1984' - wrote on Twitter: "I agree we need more variety in Superhero movies, not less. They are the grand metaphor's of our times! Why not use them for it! Particularly as a way to reach the next generation of heroes. [heart emoji] (sic)"

Patty recently claimed that Wonder Woman is distinctly different from most superheroes.

The acclaimed director explained that the iconic character focuses on the "betterment of mankind".

She said: "The interesting thing about Wonder Woman - and I’m not saying that other superheroes don’t do this - is that she is less about defeating a villain and more about confronting the betterment of mankind, so it’s almost like she really is a god who’s trying to engage with mankind and how we’re living our lives and make us better people.

"She’s less about fighting and she’s more about confronting a point of view."

On the other hand, Patty also acknowledged that Wonder Woman is a flawed character.

She shared: "I think she’s vulnerable to love, meaning she can be hurt by love. And she’s optimistic, I think she can be wrong about things.

"And that’s an important thing about Wonder Woman: in the TV show, in the comic books, and in the movie she’s always been an everywoman in this interesting way, where she loves the people that she loves and she hopes that things get better, she’s hurt and disappointed when they’re not and she has to try to think about what the right thing to do is."