Patty Jenkins thinks it's impossible to make a "good" 'Star Wars' movie in one year.

The 49-year-old director currently has various film and TV projects in the pipeline - including 'Rogue Squadron', an upcoming 'Star Wars' film, as well as the biographical drama 'Cleopatra' - but Patty has insisted she won't be rushing anything.

She shared: "You can never do it in one year. You could never do a good 'Star Wars' movie in one year or a good 'Cleopatra' in one year. I think each of those movies take two years probably.

"But I do think, as I even learned on the two 'Wonder Woman's, I already had sold a limited TV series that I was in love with when they decided to move the 'Wonder Woman 1984' release date up. So suddenly it was happening on top of each other. And I was actually able to write a huge treatment and have a bunch of creative meetings and go off and do my show while pre-production was happening for 'Wonder Woman 1984'."

Despite her busy schedule, Patty is confident that she'll be able to balance all of her projects.

Speaking to Collider, the acclaimed director explained: "Certainly, until I'm on set shooting 'Star Wars', I could be developing all sorts of other things and pushing them forward. It is actually possible.

"So, I think that's apparently how people do it, do multiple things at one time, which I'm usually pretty singularly focused, but I'm getting better at this all the time."