Patty Jenkins feels relieved to be back at work.

The 49-year-old filmmaker - who has been hired to direct 'Rogue Squadron', the new 'Star Wars' movie - is delighted to have a jam-packed schedule, after the film industry came to a halt last year amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Asked what her schedule looks like for the rest of 2021, Patty told The Hollywood Reporter: "Work. I can’t tell you what a relief that is. I was so exhausted after Wonder Woman 1984'. I can’t believe what a relief it feels like to go back and make another one. That’s what’s been so surreal.

"There was something so odd about the pandemic with everything down. Just the thought of, 'We’re going to go location scouting.' I know how to scout! These are things I know how to do.

"Whereas everything that we did during this pandemic was so confusing and unusual. I’m just so excited to be working and making a movie. It feels like a warm embrace instead of an overwhelming task. That’s such a delightful surprise."

Meanwhile, Patty previously claimed that superhero movies need more "variety".

The director believes the ideas and characters that underpin the genre need to be more diverse.

She said on Twitter: "I agree we need more variety in Superhero movies, not less. They are the grand metaphor's of our times! Why not use them for it! Particularly as a way to reach the next generation of heroes. [heart emoji] (sic)"

However, she's also insisted that Wonder Woman is distinctly different from most superheroes.

She said: "The interesting thing about Wonder Woman - and I’m not saying that other superheroes don’t do this - is that she is less about defeating a villain and more about confronting the betterment of mankind, so it’s almost like she really is a god who’s trying to engage with mankind and how we’re living our lives and make us better people.

"She’s less about fighting and she’s more about confronting a point of view."