Patty Jenkins has resumed work on 'Star Wars: Rogue Squadron'.

The 52-year-old writer took a step back from the project in 2021 and the whole movie was delayed but has now revealed that because of contractual obligations made just before the onset of the SAG-AFTRA strike, she now "owes" a script to LucasFilm.

Speaking on the 'Talking Pictures' podcast, she said: "'When I left 'Star Wars' to do 'Wonder Woman 3', we talked about coming back afterwards so we started a deal for that happened. So when 'Wonder Woman 3' went away, LucasFilm and I knew we had to finish the deal. We finished the deal just as the strike was beginning so now I owe a draft of 'Star Wars'. I am back on doing 'Rogue Squadron' and we'll see what happens."

The screenwriter explained that she has always been a fan of the sci-fi series and would always have loved the chance to work on it.

She added: "The emotion of 'Star Wars' and what it stands for is so beautiful. 'Star Wars' was borne out of World War II and it is do you make a metaphor, and talk in metaphor? So in that way I've always wanted to make a fighter pilot, it's been a dream of mine. I always had a hard time with it because I'm in love with the jets of the '70s and '80s but I think 'Star Wars' is so beautiful, so yes if I can do something beautiful and do something and serves that audience then I would love to do it, of course.

"Rogue Squadron' is a particularly exciting project because, like other recent 'Star Wars' projects, it is beginning to move to other stories in the galaxy outside the ones focused on Force users and Jedi"