Amassing over $800 million in the box office and becoming the biggest critical success the DC Extended Universe has ever seen, 'Wonder Woman' made sure it'd be one of the most memorable superhero flicks in the world.

Patty Jenkins has been praised for her work on 'Wonder Woman'Patty Jenkins has been praised for her work on 'Wonder Woman'

With Gal Gadot in the titular role as the Amazonian Goddess, the brilliant Chris Pine as love interest Steve Trevor and the DCEU's first female director Patty Jenkins working behind-the-scenes, the film had all the ingredients to become a success, and it did just that.

Jenkins and Pine had such a great working relationship on the film in fact, that the pair will be collaborating once more on upcoming drama series 'One Day She'll Darken'. The show will see Pine in the leading role of a former marine named Jay Singletary. A drastic career change sees him working as a tabloid journalist who chases a true crime story. Jenkins meanwhile has been tapped to direct the pilot episode and executive produce the entire series. 

Taking to her Twitter account to praise Pine, Jenkins retweeted a message from the official 'Wonder Woman' UK timeline, adding that "Chris' skill, talent and generosity blew me away, every day. Making that kind of performance look easy is epic badass. He's a beast."

Not only scheduled to work with one another on the television series, it's been confirmed that Jenkins at least will be returning for the second solo 'Wonder Woman' film, which currently has a slated release spot in December 2019.

Despite what looked like the end for Pine's character Steve Trevor in the first 'Wonder Woman' flick, we wouldn't be surprised if he turned up in the planned sequel; especially thanks to the prominence he's had throughout his time on the pages of 'Wonder Woman' comic books.

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