Young Adult star Patton Oswalt turned his Oscars snub into a running joke on on Tuesday (24Jan12), urging his fellow non-nominees to join him for a heavy drinking session and a trip to Legoland.
The comedian, who failed to make it onto the Academy Awards nominations sheet as a Best Supporting Actor, created a make-believe world full of boozy stars all drinking away their disappointment.
Oswalt first wrote, "Join me for a drink at (Los Angeles bar) The Drawing Room, Albert Brooks? Me and (Andy) Serkis have been here since 6am."
He later added, "Albert Brooks See you later tonight. Might be out of booze - Serkis has Pogues on the jukebox & (Michael) Fassbender just showed up in a pirate hat."
He also poked fun at his Young Adult co-star Charlize Theron, who missed out on a Best Actress nod: "Oh s**t - we're definitely going to run out of booze. Charlize & Tilda (Swinton) just pulled up in a stolen police car."
His tale of woe continued well into the afternoon with a fictitious trip to Legoland.
Oswalt continued, "Let's go to Legoland! With a boozy hurrah, we're out...!
"Oh. My. God. Just pulled up to Legoland. DiCaprio's rented the park for the day. Dibs on the Duplo Gardens!"