Punk icon Patti Smith has addressed criticism aimed at her for agreeing to perform at an upcoming Chelsea Hotel concert, revealing the gig was her idea.
Residents of the fabled New York haunt, many of which are being evicted by the new owners, were upset when they heard Smith was performing in the ballroom on Thursday night (12Jan12) - and accused her of selling out.
The intimate show was set up to end months of strife between owner Joseph Chetrit and those who have called the hotel home for years.
And now Smith has released a statement explaining why she organised the get together.
She reveals her decision to partner with the new owners of the Chelsea began last year (11) "when I heard rumors that the hotel would be leveled."
Smith, who lived at the Chelsea on two separate occasions, says she "entered in a dialogue with the architect, through a mutual friend" and was assured "every effort would be made to save and restore the building, which was greatly deteriorating."
The Because The Night rocker adds, "Having witnessed the demolition and redevelopment of much of our city I was at least hopeful that the hotel would stand.
"My small performance for the tenants was my own idea. My hope is that we might have a nice evening and the opportunity to communicate directly.
"My allegiance is to the Hotel itself... It is very difficult for me to embrace change, but my great hope is to witness the Hotel Chelsea find a strong and positive place in the twenty-first century."